Fertility and becoming pregnant is the beginning of a healthy pregnancy.

The Right Nutrients are Vitally Important to You and your Baby during Pregnancy   

I’m Exhausted

This is the first complaint I normally hear.  “I could go back to sleep at 11am”

Your nutrient intake is vitally important for your rapidly developing baby.  A healthy breakfast can make or break your energy for the day.  I recommend cutting out Cereals, breads, and heavy stodgy foods.  There is very little nutritional value in a bowl of cereal.  Swap for fruits or yogurt, a smoothie with some fruit and added greens.  Fats are important, and flaxseed is a good source of healthy fat, and can help keep bowel movements regular.

What Should I be Eating?

My general rule is the same during pregnancy as all other times.  Eat whole foods that are not in a packet.  Get sufficient.  greens into your diet.  This ensures you are getting your sulphur rich foods that is helping your placenta feed and nourish your baby.  There is no need to overdo it, but healthy organic greens are essential.  Sulphur is not only good for the placenta, it helps nourish and nurture new life, and is commonly used as an agent to promote health in all connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, arteries and veins.

Do I need Supplements During Pregnancy

Not necessarily.  If you have a healthy organic clean diet for the majority of the time and eat fish fresh fish you may not need supplementation at all.  If you have been through your fertility journey with me you will have received your nutrition pack and may not need any supplements at all.

If you are concerned you are not benefiting from nutrients in your food and would prefer to supplement I recommend Cytoplan Pregna-Care – Use Discount Code CYT61368-10 for a 10% discount.  Start by taking one capsule every second day increaseing to one per day.

Minerals in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Mineral SupportI have mentioned Sulphur, which helps the placenta, helps nourish and nurture new life, and is commonly used as an agent to promote health in all connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, arteries and veins.  There are many other minerals that are required during pregnancy:  Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, Silica.  In mineral salt, or Tissue Salt form, these minerals are absorbed easier by Mum and Baby and help support implantation, growth, development, bones, nerves, connective tissue, and can help with fatigue.

Pregnancy Tissue Salt Packs are available from me by ordering here


My Iron is Considerably Low

Contrary to what you might think taking Iron Supplements is not the answer.  We need to look at your overall stress levels, your lifestyle, food choices, detox system and organ function to ensure a good level of iron is being maintained.  This is a more complex issues and needs further exploration during a consultation.

Morning Sickness

If you have been on a fertility journey with me you will notice that you have not experienced morning sickness.  This is because we work towards a healthy pregnancy as a long term goal, alongside helping you to become pregnant.

You’ve heard the old wives tales about eating ginger biscuits and crackers.  I would suggest Nettle Tea and Ginger tea or shredding organic ginger and lemon in hot water.

Hormonal changes can effect your ability to feel well or not.  These hormones must be excreted, and your detox system and liver play an important role in hormonal changes.  Morning sickness can be awful if you digestion, detox and liver are not working at optimum level.  I advise have a general health consultation with me before becoming pregnant to help promote a sickness free pregnancy.

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