There are different categories we can use for dis-eases the occur in the body

  • Acute
  • Chronic

An Acute illness is described by Samuel Hahnemann in his Organon as a Rapid Illness which completes its course quickly.  The Acute Illness starts suddenly, has a fast rapid progression and ends in full recovery or demise.  Influenza is one illness which fits this category.  The symptoms start and occur over a short period of time.  It is possible to recovery fully from influenza, but it is also possible to die from Influenza.  The outcome of an Acute illness happens in a relatively short period of time.

When a person fully recovers from an acute illness they are in a state of health. During an illness there is a state of ill-health.

If a person does not fully recover from an acute illness and it reoccurs, or they relapse into a state of ill health repeatedly with the same symptoms, this becomes a Chronic Illness.

Chronic Illness

A Chronic Illness is also described as a state of ill health which often goes unnoticed at the beginning, removing the healthy state from the body slowly over time.

The state of health will not fully recover in the Chronic Disease, but will decline over long periods of time, perhaps years, until symptoms slow the person down or interrupt their daily lives.  It is a this time that a person may first realise they do have a chronic illness which they need help with.

An illness progression such as Arthritis, which starts off as discomfort or slight pain, and continues to progress into prolonged periods of pain or discomfort which disrupt daily life can be considered a chronic illness.  Arthritis symptoms may start as early as childhood or in teen years and continue to progress slowly and gradually until later in life when mobility may be limited or painful.


Using Homeopathy for Acute Illness

Often a person will use their Homeoapathy kit or remedies they have collected at home for acute illnesses.  This may include the onset of colds, flu, cough, chest infection, chicken pox, measels, slapped cheek syndrome, and many more illness that come and go.  Most are known as childhood illnesses, or ones that come and go through season or weather changes.

When Does Acute Become Chronic?

An acute illness becomes chronic

  • when the acute symptoms return more than once
  • when the symptoms of the acute do not fully heal
  • when the person does not fully recover from the illness, or when the illness is lingering
  • when the acute illness leaves the person unable to return to the normal routines or pace of life
  • when the acute illness returns regularly, at intervals, or in particular seasons every year, ie a December flu yearly


The regular return of an illness is a clear indication that there is a weakness in the vitality of the person, and a susceptibility to to the same illness regularly.  Over time the duration of the illness may get longer, the symptoms may increase, or recovery may take longer.  This situation is chronic as it becomes a little harder to recover each year – for example a yearly flu.


When do I Need to Call My Homeopath?

If you are comfortable using your kit, start by choosing a remedy.  If you give the chosen remedy three times and there is no reaction or symptoms do not improve you have the incorrect remedy and you need to revisit your remedy choice.

  • If you are not comfortable or confident to deal with the particular symptoms
  • If you have chosen several remedies and there is no improvement or change
  • If the person or symptoms are getting worse
  • If you need to discuss how and when or for how long you need to give the remedy
  • If it is a virus or an illness that you expect to progress and change over the course of a few days
  • Cough’s can be the most difficult to deal with as they do change
  • If there is fainting or weakness or lethargy **
  • If there is fast pulse or heart rate increases dramatically **
  • If you start to become confused about remedy choice
  • If you become anxious about what to do
  • When the symptoms return
  • Chronic Conditions


Chronic Illness & Homeopathy

In Every case of a Chronic Illness or dis-ease a Homeopath should always be consulted to manage the illness.  Chronic illness needs case taking skills, supervision of remedy choice,  supervision or remedy reaction to determine how your body is accepting or reacting to the remedy, and what step to take next.

In most cases of chronic illness medications have been prescribed and are being taken.  Remedies need to be chosen carefully that can help the medications work, or in some cases reduce the side effects of medications that are being prescribed.  Medications can, in some cases, be life saving and be required in an emergency.  Respect must be given to these medications and interactions need to be monitored.

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Learning to Use Homeopathy

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** In some cases symptoms turn into emergency situations.  Appropriate emergency medical attention should be sought by contacting your local emergency department or emergency health care provider for immediate attention and intervention.