Costrochondritis is type of chest pain which can be caused by respiratory virus.  It can cause severe pain, and sometimes people think they may be having heart related symptoms.

What is Costochondritis?

Costochondritis is an inflammation of the costochondral joint, shown in the main diagram, where the upper ribs join with the cartilage which holds the rib to the breastbone, or sternum.  The cartilage is pushed in front of the ribcage in costrochondritis.  This causes discomfort, tenderness and pain in the chest.

Homeopathy Use for Costochondritis

  • Broken rib feeling
  • Stabbing, Burning or stitching pain
  • Pains feel worse from the slightest motion
  • Aching of limbs and body as if you have been beaten
  • Sore lame bruised feeling
  • Bed feels too hard to lie on
  • Rheumatism of muscular and tendenous tissues especially the back and shoulders
  • Useful in sports and traumatic injuries
Ranunculus Bulbosus:
  • Pain and soreness as if the sternum, ribs, intercostal spaces and both hypochondria are bruised
  • Intercostal rheumatism
  • Stitches in the chest between shoulder blades
  • Rheumatic pains in the chest
  • Tenderness of the abdomen when pressure is applied
  • Feels worse in open air, inspiration or moving
  • Feeling chilly in the chest when walking in open air
  • Feel oppression as if from a weight
  • Stitches in the chest area
  • Palpitations with weakness and empty feeling in the chest
  • Asthmatic feeling when lying down

Be aware that if you do have any of these chest symptoms and are concerned about your heart you should always go straight to your GP or Emergency Room at your Hospital.  When you have got a good diagnosis, then you can start taking Homeopathic remedies.

How to take your remedy?

In the case of Costochondritis you may feel that your symptoms are intense.  Place a pillule in a glass or sports bottle of water and take one sip every 5 – 15 minutes 3/4 times during the first hour.  If symptoms are easing continue to take a sip of water and you can increase the space between taking the remedy.  It the symptoms are not easing at all after 4 doses you may need a different remedy or a higher dose.  You should then contact your Homeopath for a better prescription.

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