Have you ever decided to go through a “complete detox”?
There are many “detox” programs available these days in the form of pills, shakes, bars, powders to add to water, juices and shelves full of books.
What is Detox?
Detox is a system in the body which is responsible for processing and removing toxins from the body through natural processes of elimination.  The first part of your detox system can be considered your stomach acid.  If your stomach acid is low, then bacteria can remain alive or active in the stomach.  Stomach Acid is one way your body deals with unwanted pathogens.  Therefore having good stomach acid is important to your detox system and even your immune system.
The liver is described as the most important part of your detoxification process, for it is here that the filtering system is housed.  Toxins to one side, nutrients to the other.  Process the toxicity and take them away, allow nutrients through to form an orderly queue to be taken to the various cells where they are required to help other systems in the body to function.
Take care of your detox pathway, and you automatically and naturally detox on an ongoing basis.
What Slows my Detox?
I have worked many years of night shift work. During the night hours my body should have been resting and going through a process of natural detox. Instead I was awake, and my detox system could not rest. Failing to support this system during my night shifts meant a toxin build up, for which I dearly paid with hayfever symptoms, fatigue, irritability in the morning and other symptoms, including hormonal changes such as absent ovulation, poor adrenal function, poor thyroid function.
Other factors which can cause chaos to our detox system include a processed food diet, low nutrient and mineral intake, hormonal imbalances, contraceptives, medications or antibiotics, alcohol, sugar, staying up late, stressful lifestyle, and sedentary lifestyle or no exercise.
What Are Homeobotanicals?
Recently I have tried various methods to help support my detox system so I can naturally detox easier.
I started by using Homeobotanicals to support my detox system.
Homeobotanicals are a blend of herbs which can be taken daily for an ongoing period of time. I first discovered Homeobotanicals when studying nutrition, and have been prescribing them for clients since then.
This synergistic blend of herbs work together in a gentle way to help
– drain and support organs, such as liver and kidneys
– Support Detoxification specifically to help remove unwanted toxins and various toxic elements
– Support the Blood And Lymphatic System.  The Lymphatic system is an important part of detox
– support the digestive system
– Support Adrenal Health, Thyroid Health
– Support the Respiratory System
– Support the a Healthy Hormonal system
– Help to Decrease Migraines
– Decrease Stress
– Increase Overall Wellbeing, Sleep & Mood
Within the first week of taking these Homeobotanicals I noticed my Energy Levels increased dramatically and the quality of my sleep improved. My digestion improved.  These improvements showed clearly on my Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis in increased mineral levels, improved kidney, adrenal, thyroid, liver indications, and improved digestion.
Homeobotanicals are one of the easiest and tastiest products I have ever worked with.  I have some clients who return just for a refill of Homeobotanicals because they feel the improvement in their digestion or energy alone.  They are safe for everyone to use, taste good, and are not as strong as herbal tinctures.  They are more cost effective than buying individual tinctures off the shelf as there are approximately 6 or more well chosen herbs in a bottle that work very well together.  They are blended and made in a very specific way so they can be taken on an ongoing basis without any side effects.
What Homeobotanicals are Available?
Homeobotanical Formulas my clients benefit from:
Liver Formula:  To help drain and support Liver Function & Gallbladder function
Digestion Formula:  To help improve digestive capacity, digestive enzymes, nutrient absorption, heartburn, travel sickness, acidity, colic, nausea including during pregnancy, travel.
Nutritional Formula:  To Improve Digestion, Nutrients including Vitamin A, D, Potassium, to stimulate the absorption of nutrients where there has been a poor diet, poor absorption of nutrient due to illness or old age.  This formula includes Alfalfa, suitable for convalescing.
Stress Formula:  For times of ongoing stress or worry.  This soothes the nervous system, helps improve concentration & sleep.
Adrenal Health Formula:  To improve adrenal health where there is ongoing tiredness in the morning and sleepless at night, depleted energy and decreased stamina.
Other Formula’s can be made based on individual needs, including to support a specific detox plan, improve respiratory health, lessen the occurrance of migraines, rebalance hormones, support heart health, help relieve constipation and decrease allergies including sinusitis and rhinitis.
Some of these formula’s contain natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial properties.
For more information or to find out which formula would be most suitable for you please contact me here