“God Bless You and Thankyou”
This was the reaction from my client after a 6 week Health Plan resulted in NO PAIN.  6 weeks earlier she was experiencing High Pain from Diverticulitis. 

When “Sheila” came to me she marked her pain levels being experienced from Diverticulitis as 10 out of 10 – very high.  Now, after following a 6 week step by step plan the pain has reduced to 0-1 our of 10. This program was created for my client based on her Hari Tissue Mineral Analysis Results and symptoms of Diverticulitis she was experiencing. I took into account her lifestyle, food choices and availability at the time to help give her the tools to relieve her symptoms of Diverticulitis. And with the greatest of respect to my client I say she took her time and effort to really implement the changes, some very easy and some that required a little more thought and effort. The results were absolutely life changing to her.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

One little Piece of Hair – A Whole Body of Information

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis has showed some amazing insight into why people are experiencing their symptoms:

  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Mineral Imbalances
  • Poor Absorption of Nutritional Foods or supplements
  • Excess supplementation that is causing disturbances
  • Toxic Elements
  • Poor Elimination & Detoxification
  • Problems with Iron – low or not being absorbed or used in the body
  • Inflammation – and the reasons why the inflammation is being caused
  • Water Retention
  • Reasons for Poor Appetite or Too Much Hunger
  • There are so many things that a Hair Analysis can tell you about your body.
  • First I look at excess or deficiencies. Then I look at your metabolism taking into account how your body is using the nutrients you take into your body – this includes vitamin and mineral excess or deficiencies. Then we look at the problems the levels are causing – anything from fatigue to poor sleep, thyroid efficiency, adrenal efficiency and how your digestion is coping with everything.
  • I look at hormone level indicators.
  • I then look at your own symptoms you have listed for me and check these against what your hair analysis has told me – it ALWAYS matches! I can even list the symptoms you have Forgotten to List!!
  • And finally I look to see what support you need, and what easy steps you can take to incorporate this into your daily or weekly routine.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is an effective way to check how your body is using nutrients, how we can support these absorption, detoxification and elimination processes.  Small changes can bring great relief in only 24 hours.  Feel better with small changes.  Maintain those changes over time.

Using Natural Methods and Educating People on Diverticulitis and Help to ease symptoms at the earliest stage possible is the best approach to ease pain and maintain a good quality of life in the future.

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