Headache & The Homeopathy FixHeadaches – lets face it, they are just so inconvenient and annoying.  A strong pain can really affect your entire day, stopping you from finishing tasks, slowing you down, or making the day struggle.  In most cases pain killers are just that, they kill pain in the short term, but do not help fix the problem in the long term.  My aim is to get to the root of the problem so that your headaches happen less often, the pain is less severe and possibly even stop the headaches altogether.


What Causes Headaches?

Anything, from dehydration, strong smells, hormonal changes, toxic build up, stressful events, grief, sudden change of environment or season, hayfever and allergies.  There are many reasons.  So not one pill will suit everyone.  The addiction to pain killers is also a possible cause for continued head pain.


What is Available to Ease Headache?

If you have a Homeopathy Kit you have a good choice of natural remedies available to you.  You also need to eat a healthy diet, with nutritious digestive supporting foods, and plenty of hydration.

If you have tried many things which have not eased the pain then perhaps it is time to book an appointment so I can help you take a closer look at your health.

For now, these remedies available in a Kit will help.

Nux Vomica

The remedy I find suits those who are at a desk or at home more often is Nux Vomica.  When Nux Vom is needed headaches can come on shortly after having food or after indulging in rich heavy foods or drinks, including alcohol.  Other causes include a sedentary lifestyle where there is less movement than normal and the liver energy gets stuck.  Morning Headaches that wake you can be helped by Nux Vomica.



Head pain can come on from heat, sun, having too much coffee, and can be described as a throbbing like pain.  Noise and movement make this head pain feel worse.  The unusual thing about this type of headache is that a tight scarf or hat around the head helps relieve these symptoms.  Pains that come on suddenly, throbbing and get worse from light motion or movement will be greatly relieved by Belladonna.


Vertigo, a heavy type of feeling in the head, droopy eyelids or squinting eyes with the headache, and feeling like there is a gastric, or digestion element to the headache will be helped by Bryonia.  Normally the person needing Bryonia wants to be left alone because they are very irritable.  They also need to close their eyes and apply pressure to an area, maybe feeling better when they lie on the painful side.  Sinus headaches where there is pain under the eyes can be greatly helped by Bryonia.

Carbo Veg

Along with Nux Vomica this is the other remedy to think of if you have overindulged the night before and have woken with a head pain.  This head pain starts in the back of the head and can be felt over the eyes.  There may be a lot of digestive pain or trapped wind feeling when Carbo Veg is needed.  Warm rooms make this head pain worse, and you will want the window open and fresh air circulating around the room.  Carbo Veg is the Homeopathic form of Activated Charcoal, which is helpful to the digestive system to clean out toxins.  So it is no surprise that it is helpful after overindulging and asking the digestive system to do more work that it is capable of doing.



This is a little used remedy but is great where there is head pain after an illness or where there has been vomiting, and fluids have been lost.  So, think of China when head pain comes on with a vomiting bug.  This little China pill can relieve these pains after loss of fluids, support the liver and help replenish fluids, along with water of course!!



This remedy is not in the usual kits, but is a great one to have to hand if you have someone in the household who gets very excited and then gets a headache or pain.  Think of children’s parties or the arrival of someone special.  It is also useful if you have had too much coffee and a headache comes on.



Known as a female and hormonal remedy Sepia can be very useful to people who have lost their appetite in the morning time with a complete aversion to food, but suffer a headache.  This headache can come with nausea and a type of vertigo and is greatly helped by sleep and rest.  So the person might have to go back to bed within an hour of getting up to start their day.  This remedy is also useful for morning sickness, and not only helps hormones rebalance but supports the function of the liver in rebalancing hormones.  This is not the only remedy to help rebalance hormones so don’t just rely on Sepia, but get some professional advice from me.

Mag Phos

A Fantastic remedy which is used by the Germans in tissue salt form for both headpain and period pains.  This remedy, dissolved in water, stirred and taken by the teaspoon at regular intervals has been known to greatly relieve period cramps.  The headpains relieved by Mag Phos are shooting and sharp and like spasms. – coming on fast and dying down only to come back again, just like those pesky cramping pains.  And just like period cramps these pains are much better for applied heat and pressure – just like the hot water bottle during period pains.



A headache can come on from too much study and trying to do their best.  It is also a good remedy where there is sinus congestion and head pain in the nose where there is some mucous but it is not coming out.  The person needing Silica would be quite conscientious and a little stubborn at times, wanting to finish their studies despite having pain.  This headpain comes with a little neck pain going up to the top of the head.   After being stuck in a book studying for so long the neck is nearly sure to be involved in the Silica type of headpain.

There are many more head pain remedies, these are only a few suggestions.


Chronic Ongoing Head Pain or Migraine

Chronic head pain and migraine require very specific management by a qualified Homeopath and I do advise you seek help where there is chronic ongoing head pain and migraines.

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Disclaimer:  This advice does not replace that of a GP or Medical Practitioner.  Great care and attention should be taken to ensure serious chronic head pain is not left unchecked.