Using Homeopathy in Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox

My first real test using Homeopathy as a novice on my own children at home was in Chicken Pox. Chicken Pox can spread like wildfire among children in the same family or social circle. I discovered that Rhus Tox, in my Homeopathy kit, is a great remedy for the itchy rash and spots that come with Chicken Pox and can help to speed up the progress of chicken pox, bring it to the surface, and facilitate healing much quicker.

And that’s exactly what happened with my 3 children, who all developed chicken pox within a week. The spots and itching started, I gave Rhus Tox 30c between three and five times during the day when I noticed the children scratching, and it took away the intensity of the itch. It also helped the spots come up and reduce very quickly.


Homeopathic remedies to use during Chicken Pox should match the symptoms of your child.  These remedies can be used:

  • Rhus Tox:  When there are lots of spots of vesicles all over the body.  The spots or vesicles fil with a clear or milky liquid.  The spots can start to join together, they can dry up or disappear.
  • Pulsatilla:  Spots or pimples are on the scalp, neck, middle of the back, under the chin, between the fingers and on the legs.  The spots have a fluid coming out which is watery.  You will see the child itching in different places and they might say their skin is burning or hot.
  • Merc Viv or Merc Sol:  Both of these remedies are quite similar and can be used.  Older kits have Merc Viv and newer versions have Merc Sol.  There may be a heat or a fever when this remedy is needed.  You will see eruptions, spots or vesicles on the chest, thighs and lower part of the back.  The itching is quite intense but is burning or very hot in nature.  There is a watery fluid in the vesicles, or spots, which turns yellow in colour.
  • Hypericum:  This remedy is used when there is a horrible sensation of something crawling around the skin.  The sensation can travel along the nerve endings and go from place to place.  This remedy can be used to help decrease that itching sensation.  
  • It is important to note that in a small number of cases Chicken Pox can becomes very uncomfortable and can get out of control very quickly.  If you are not seeing results with Homeopathy always consult your Health Care Provider

Dosing with Homeopathy during Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox is an acute illness, the spots or vesicles should appear quite suddenly and go over a short period with the right treatment.  It’s important to continue to give remedies throughout the period of illness.  

With all acute illness remedies are given as needed.  A good approach is to take one 30c pill of the chosen remedy once every 3 hours. However the period of action of the remedy may be less or more in different children.

Let’s give an example:  If you give 1 pill of Rhus Tox 30c to your child and s/he stops scratching you know the remedy is working.  If the effects of the remedy wear off after two hours, and you see the child scratching again this is a clear indication that the child needs that remedy every two hours for that day.  The next day the child may do very well having the pill every third or fourth hour.  As the child heals the amount of time between doses will reduce, and the amount of remedies given during that day will decrease.  The most remedies will be given at the height of the illness, or during the intense symptom period.


Soothing Baths

I gave Oat Baths 2-3 times per day – and patted the gently to dry their skin leaving as much of the oat mix on their skin as possible. Oat baths can be made from a bag of organic oats, and an old sock or pair of tights.
grab the sock or old pair of tights – cut the tights into sections of approximately six to 10 inches long. Put some oats in the sock or tights, tie it at each end, making a miniature oat sponge.
When running the bath put the oat sponge underneath the water and allow the water to run through the oat sponge. You will see the water becomes creamy.
Let the child play in the water with whatever toys they like. And use the sponge to dribble water over the child’s skin. You can also pat the skin using the Oat sponge, including the face. But try not to get the mixture into the eyes as it can feel very gritty.


A Gentle Cream to Sooth Skin Itching

Hypercal cream, or Hypericum and Calendula cream from Helios, can be applied generously to the skin during the day. This cream decreases the itching sensation and helps to heal the skin quickly reducing the marks that can be left by chickenpox.

I highly recommend the above protocol above for chicken pox to anyone.

Other remedies to consider when Chicken Pox is in the house: Hypericum, Calendula, Pulsatilla, Ledum, Belladonna, Sulphur, Thuja. Most of these remedies are in the 36 Basic Helios Kit.
I also recommend my A-Z Guide on Using your Helios 36 Remedy Kit as it has many tips and an quick guide to what remedy to use for various symptoms. Contact me here for more information