Exercise is often associated with an hour spent in the gym or at a fitness class. But exercise can be more gentle and easy. As long as you give yourself one hour per day to actively move while increasing your heartrate slightly and increase your intake of breath you may very well be getting a sufficient amount of exercise.

There are many benefits of being a member and going to a gym to exercise. The positive personality trait required, in my opinion, is discipline and commitment to yourself, your attendance and your goals.
There can be other benefits to exercising outside in Nature, which you cannot get in the gym. The most obvious being access to outside fresh air. The other free benefit is exposure to certain bacteria which are only available to us in nature which help balance our microbiome.

Exercise in or Out of the Gym


Glutathione – A Powerful Anti-Oxidant  

Exercise increases Glutathione levels, a powerful anti-oxidant which is produced in the liver.  Glutathione is used in many processes in the body including our own natural Detox Process.  
An anti-oxidant is something which can decrease damage to the cells caused by toxins such as free radicals and heavy metals.
Since it is impossible to avoid these, Glutathione plays an important role in our body to keep our cells healthy. Without it we risk having an overload of toxins held inside the body, and mind, which is not good for either our physical or mental health.
Glutathione plays an important role in our Detox System.  We have our own detox pathways, and it is important to nourish them so we don’t hold onto our toxins.
Glutathione changes our fat loving toxins to water soluable.  This change in form allows our toxins to be excreted out of the body by the kidneys.

Our Toxins are excreted through perspiration, urination, in our stool and even in our breath!  If we are not perspiring, urinating regularly or having regular bowel movements we are holding onto our toxins, and we really need to let them go!!


Glutathione is depleted 

  • We have a Period of Stress, or prolonged stress
  • if we have a sedentary lifestyle – meaning No Exercise (The couch potato)
  • if we have poor sleep.

In some cases coping with Stress and poor sleep can be Greatly Helped by adding exercise into our day!

New To Exercise?

As the weather becomes a little warmer, mornings and evenings become brighter it is a good time of year to try to fit in your daily exercise routine.
If you are new to exercise starting off by practicing your balance, or doing some very gentle daily stretches may just be enough.

Walking, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Daily Stretch Routines, Tai Chi, are all simple ways to try to increase your exercise daily, and improve your 

Exercise Starting Slowlyphysical health, And Mental Health.

Making your choice of exercise can be a little daunting if you don’t know where to look. So think about your enjoyment and what would make you look forward to doing your exercise.

Do you need company? You might like to join a club to cycle, hike, golf or other outdoor activities where you can talk and have some social interaction while exercising.
Do you like to break a sweat on your own? A Personal Fitness Training may more suitable
Do you need to start gently and work on your balance but don’t know where to start? Check out your local Easy Starter Yoga or Pilates Classes.
Do you love Music & Dancing? Zumba and other dance classes, and dance nights or Barn Dances may be just the ticket for you!

Whatever your Choice of Exercise, Enjoy it and Show Up For Yourself and Your Health