Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is becoming more popular due to the amount of information about how your body is performing, absorbing and using food as fuel, or storing it.


These graphs tell me a lot about your

  • ability to have a good nights sleep

    Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

    One little Piece of Hair – A Whole Body of Information

  • how your digestive system is working
  • if your body needs certain minerals and vitamins
  • how your chosen supplements are helping or hindering your symptoms
  • levels of inflammation
  • stress and how your body copes with stress
  • concentration or lack of
  • Alzheimers & Dementia early indicators
  • Heart Health
  • Thyroid Health
  • Raised or lowered hormones
  • Natural Detox ability
  • Energy intake and output
  • Insulin Resistance or Type 2 Diabetes Tendencies


What to Do with All this Information?

I explore the meaning of your results with you.  No one level is taken on its own.  We need to look at the body as a whole and address how your body is absorbing and using the nutrients you are feeding yourself.

For example, if your Sulphur level is low we look at why it is low –

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

  • Is your body using up your Sulphur at a rapid pace and if so why?
  • Is your Sulphur food intake low?
  • How does this affect your other minerals and your body’s energy levels?
  • What symptoms are you experiencing from having low Sulphur levels?
  • Finally we look at ways to look at Sulphur intake and absorption
  • And we remove any unsuitable supplements or swap unsuitable foods for a more suitable alternative


I look at each mineral collectively, and on its own in terms of your body’s needs and energy.



Do I Need to Buy a Lot of Supplements?


Our aim is to have your plate full at meal times of foods that you like, that work for you, and foods that your analysis shows that you need and will benefit from.

The majority of time I suggest changes that can be implemented slowly over time referring back to the report you are provided with during your session so you can work with your food, and your body to get the most out of your foods.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Supplementation is recommended where there is a requirement for supplements, and you are not getting the much needed minerals or vitamins from your foods.  In the majority of cases supplements that have been previously recommended are not suitable for individuals needs. I look carefully at this.

The Goal is to use your Foods as Your Medicine and give you the information you need to burn your food as fuel and produce the energy you need during the day – and help move into relaxation mode at night for a good nights sleep.


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