Chilblains can develop very quickly in cold weather, and are a caused by inflammation of tissue, or capillaries. Changing temperature from warm weather to sudden cold weather often causes chilblains with problems arising in Autumn Winter, or early Spring.  Factors causing or contributing to Chilblains include auto-immune disease, Raynaud’s & poor circulation.  Low Vitamin D levels and excess inflammation also contribute to circulation problems.
The areas affected are the outermost parts of the body: the fingertips, fingers, toes, ears, nose.
These areas become red and swollen after being exposed to very cold temperatures. Incredible Itchiness can follow.
There can be a burning and itching sensation.
Pains can be sharp, prickling, throbbing or like a dull ache.

Homeopathy to relieve chilblains are:

  • Phosphorus 30c: when there is numbness of the fingertips or big toe
  • Aloe Socotrina 30c: Chilblains with burning pain that eases putting hands into cold water, or having a cold bath. Warm water or warm shower worsens the pain. Firm pressure also eases the pains.
  • Rhus Tox 30c: Chilblains of the fingertips with a feeling of crawling on the skin. The feet or hands will look red, smooth, shiny and swollen. There may be some “spots” or eruptions in the area also. And rubbing the areas may increase cause any eruptions to worsen.
  • Sulphur 30c: Chilblains where there is swelling of the toes and the feet look purple or blue in color. “Blue from the cold”. The toes will be very itchy, and the itchiness will be worse in the warm bed. Thick red chilblains appear on the fingers and cracks in the joints.
  • Lachesis 30c: Chilblains where there is circulatory issues aswell. There may be a dark blue or very deep purple colour on the hands, or blue hands and purple feet. You will see a “mottled” appearance to the hands and feet, or what some may call “Blotchy”. Chilblains may become very bad, inflamed and even start to ooze some fluid.
  • Pulsatilla 30c:  Throbbing pains with very intense itching, especially on the sole of the foot when in bed.  The heat of bed makes the itching worse.  There is a burning sensation but also a numb feeling in the toes, fingers, feet or hands.
"A": Circulation as Normal "B" Raynaud's Circulation By NHLBI authors. - National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute:

“A”: Circulation as Normal “B” Raynaud’s Circulation By NHLBI authors. – National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute:

Chilblain Prevention:

Preventative Measures can be taken throughout the year by adding spices to your foods. Cayenne Pepper Compress is said to improve circulation by applying it to feet overnight covered in socks. You make the compress by placing a length of clingfilm onto a chopping board or worktop saver.  Using a square of good quality kitchen towel or other organic material like cotton, fold the kitchen towel in half and place onto the clingfilm.  Applying some olive oil on the surface of the kitchen towel and one teaspoon of organic cayenne pepper on the towel.  Olive oil and cayenne pepper should be organic and spread out over the kitchen towel.  You have now made your compress.  Place the compress on the bottom of your feet and use the cling film to secure it to your foot. Put on a pair of socks over the compress, and leave it on overnight in bed.

Ginger, Curcumin and other hot warming spices can warm the blood and improve circulation. Hawthorn tincture can be purchased form any reputable independent health store, which improves circulation. For those that do not like tinctures it is also available in Homeopathic form: Crataegus.  Hawthorn and Crataegus have both been used to improve circulation and relieve symptoms of Raynaud’s.

Exercise is the best way to prevent Chilblains.  Dancing, Walking, Swimming or hitting the gym might be the place for you when the weather turns cold!  A Yearly subscription may also seem worth while when there is a cold spell due every year.  Unfortunately lighting the fire and sitting in the heat does not seem to relieve Raynaud’s or chilblains.  Ongoing circulatory promotion seems to be the very best way to prevent these symptoms.


Low Vitamin D levels may be a contributing factor to circulatory problems.  Inflammation may also be a contributing factor.  You can have both your Vitamin D blood levels and your Omega 3 levels checked privately very quickly by contacting me.  These tests involve just a fingerprick and are very useful in determining if you do need to increase your Vitamin D supplementation, or your anti-inflammatory Omega 3 supplementation.  Contact me here for more information on these quick and easy Vitamin D and Omega 3 tests.

If you have tried some of these options above and are still not having any succuss with your circulation, still suffer from cold hands and feet, or have Raynaud’s or any problems with purple, cold, white or numb hands contact me to organise a private consultation