Did you know that Homeopathic Remedies can be considered “Immune Modulators” and “Inflammation Modulators”

Cytokines are proteins in our immune system that function as chemical messengers.  There are many other “ingredients” in a healthy functioning immune system.  This is just one.


Our Immune system sends signals to Cytokines to help in the process of fighting bacteria and other pathogens, or invaders that should not be in our body and may cause illness.  There are many types of cytokines, but they can be divided into two categories:  Pro-Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory.
PRO-Inflammatory Cytokines help our immune system by recognizing the bad guys: bacteria, pathogens, allergens etc. Locating and “destroying” these invaders is an important role these Pro-inflammatory cytokines play in our immune health, and process of “fighting” illness.  They also remove the “debris” or “Die off” from these invaders and the body then starts to prepare for healing. This time is know to us as “Healing from” or “Convalescence”.
ANTI-Inflammatory Cytokines help limit inflammation going into overdrive. There is a fine balance between the two, so a healthy Balanced immune system is important.


Inflammation is considered as “Bad”.  But Inflammation is necessary to for our immune system to act on the bacteria, allergen, or pathogen that we may are exposed to and need to “kill off”. Not enough inflammation, or low immune response is not helpful to us, and an over stimulated immune system producing too much inflammation is not good for us. We need a balance of both Pro and Anti Inflammatory. And we need to help both during stages off illness.


Often Runny noses, headaches, flus, colds and allergies are treated with “Anti” treatments. Some of these over the counter shop bought items can prevent the immune system from working efficiently and mounting their inflammatory response.  This reduction of immune response can prolong an illness lingering in the body by decreasing the natural activity of the immune system.
Taking a balanced approach we must also recognise that it is important to use some of these “Anti” shop bought substances to help a child deal with a huge inflammatory response when their immune system is clearly not dealing with it, and they are very ill.  Emergency medicine, doctors, hospitals have their very special place in our world, and we are very grateful to have it when it is necessary.
Taking a balanced approach to help the immune system’s both Pro and Anti-inflammatory branches can help the balance and support immune function.

Here are some Homeopathic Remedies which support the function of Your immune system

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