Toxicity comes not only from the outside world, from fumes in the air, pesticides on foods, chemicals in all the products we put on our skin. Toxicity also comes from within.
Our body produces certain toxins that are naturally occurring. But by putting the right ingredients inside our body, and adding movement through exercise, sweat, hydration, minerals, nutrients, these toxins can be naturally released. When toxins are released we gain back more energy to ourselves for work, play and fun.
Toxic Overload Symptoms

I have been helping people deal with toxic loads that have affected the digestive system, lymphatic system, detox system and in some cases have resulted in chronic constipation. When the inside of the body becomes stagnant and incapable of moving toxins around they recirculate in the body, increasing overall toxicity. In an effort to deal with these toxins we get symptoms such as:

  • Depression, Mood Disorders, Anxiety
  • constipation or really loose stool
  • skin issues like eczema, blisters, psoriasis, dry skin,
  • Acne
  • Stomach Pains
  • Vomiting
  • Digestion can be compromised or completely shut down
  • Insomnia, lack of sleep or disturbed sleep
  • Urination at night or frequently during the day
  • And lots of different menstrual and hormonal problems
  • Thyroid Insufficiency
  • Infertility
  • night, during the day, frequently, or none at all
  • Fungal infections, Candida
  • Breathing issues
  • Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue
  • And many many more symptoms which can effect you and future generations.
Very recently I delved into the health history of a man who had a hand tremor, only to find out that a medication he had been prescribed for 10 years had the recorded and documented side effect of tremors.
A lot of my work in clinic is linking the symptom with a toxic load, and helping the body release the toxins.
What is a Symptom?
Symptoms are a clue, an indication that your body is having trouble coping and needs help. When a child is over tired they get stroppy or whingy or cry. This change in behavior is a clue that there is something wrong, that the child needs extra nourishment.
Our body is no different. It needs nourishment to move toxins out of the body and become more efficient at burning energy.
How the Toxic Overload Stops…Everything
The body relies on minerals and nutrients to activate various processes in the body.  When the Western Diet replaces minerals and nutrients with processed foods which are or poor nutritional benefit various biological processes slow down, and in some cases can stop.  Toxic metals and other elements can sit in the place of nutrients causing various processes to slow down or stop, including cognition, concentration and memory! 
People with MTHFR genetic mutation know that they need to have a clean diet, clean skin care and extra nutrients to help detoxification.  Those with thyroid problems may need extra supplementation, a change in diet, have an excessive toxic load or depleted nutrients. 
I have seen people with calcium deficiency automatically prescribed strong supplementation with calcium, Vitamin D, K, Magnesium.  Overlooked are the very important factors of digestion, absorption, toxic overload, poor nutrient poor food choices and diet, gut microbiome, and even lifestyle, in an effort to force calcium into the body causing a cascade of worsening and new symptoms. 

Utilising what is already being consumed and ingested is surely better than forcing products into the body which cannot be utilised due to a weak digestive system.  The Digestive System Is, after all, the Primmary Source of Calcium & Other Nutrients!!

How can I find Out What My Toxic Load Is?
I use Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Gastro Intestinal testing, digestion and organ supports to establish the toxic load, the symptoms this is contributing.  Once I have established the cause of the symptoms I make a tailored plan specifically for your own requirements. I and may of my clients have used these supports and have found each one of them beneficial.
My Energy is up, Mood is Much Better, Heartburn is gone, and Constipation is Definitely Improved
Amelia, Kildare
“I’m really feeling good.  My digestion has definitely improved and the constant pain in my stomach is gone”
Tom, Waterford
How Can I Improve my Digestion
For people who feel their digestive system is working against them meal time can be a chore.  Feelings of discomfort, pain swelling and trapped gas can become worrisome, embarrassing and sometimes painful.
Working with me by taking a professional look at these issues can bring better long term results over a shorter period of time compared to going it alone. I’ve seen many people drop a couple of hundred euro on in appropriate supplements in a month, only to find themselves with the same issue when they stop the supplements.
My goal is to get to the root of the problem and help you resolve it gently and effectively over time.
In the mean time…Ditch the packet food and go back to Basics.
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