How did Cuba, with limited funding for their Health Care System, combat the threat of CoronaVirus?

Cuban authorities used what they had already developed, in the form of Homeopathic combination remedy, PrevengHo®Vir. This combination was used during the H1N1 outbreak in Cuba to strengthen the resilience of its citizens against respiratory diseases and viral illnesses.

In April 2020 Cuban authorities authorised its use as a preventative and health strengthening measure of its citizens. It was not a product that was specifically designed in the treatment of Coronavirus, but as it had been used before it was rolled out instead a vaccinations because there was a lack of funding for pharmaceutical vaccinations and the Government could not finance a pharma vaccination program.
As of today, 14th January 2021, according to Cuba showed only 1,462 persons per 1 million were infected in comparison to 33,028 cases per million in Ireland

PrevengHo®Vir contains 8 remedies in combination: Anas Barbariae, Arsenicum Album, Bacillinum, Baptisia Tincotria, Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Influenzinum, Pyrogenium, Tuberculinum Aviare.

The remedy was administered by putting 5 drops into 60mls of water and drinking this on 3 consecutive days and again on the tenth day. This was then repeated in 6 weeks time.
Day 1: 5 drops of PrevengHo®Vir in 60 mls water, stir gently & drink
Day 2: 5 drops of PrevengHo®Vir in 60 mls water, stir gently & drink
Day 3: 5 drops of PrevengHo®Vir in 60 mls water, stir gently & drink
Day 10: 5 drops of PrevengHo®Vir in 60 mls water, stir gently & drink

For those who are classed as “Frontline Workers” meeting people from different households every day I would suggest taking as above on Day 1, 2 & 3, and on Monday and Thursday or any other two days during the week each week while in contact with others.

Cuban authorities used PrevengHo®Vir to strengthen the resilience of its people against contracting Coronavirus, and therefore can be classed as a preventative measure

Cuban authorities have not reported any findings on the use of PrevengHo®Vir for anyone that had contracted Coronavirus. However, as each remedy included in the combination is used for flu, viral and infection type symptoms I consider this a very good remedy for use during any flu season. After all, it was first used to combat the H1N1 Influenza 1 strain and has sowed very good results in combating the threat of coronavirus in Cuba.

“At first almost 46,000 health workers received the remedy yet only 62 of those persons developed COVID. Then 953,416 families received the remedy.”
“The HP [Homeoprophylaxis] campaign started on 1 April, and a total of 45,914 individuals from the included health facilities received PrevengHo®-Vir until 30 April (97.8% of this universe), with only 62 persons positive to COVID-19.”

I have seen many people in my clinic who, on using the Biofeedback, show signs of lingering SARs, Influenza still lingering in their system. I prescribe remedies for them including the remedy “Gelsemium” which has the symptom of Never Being Well Since the Flu: Yes, these are some of the rare symptoms that we have in our symptom dictionary!!!

Even though Gelsemium is not a remedy that is included in this combination I do believe PrevengHo®Vir may be helpful to those who are struggling to get back to full health after contracting Coronavirus.

However, having contracted Coronavirus you will have built a certain amount of natural immunity against Coronavirus and therefore it is wise to consult with me or your Homeopath before considering taking PrevengHo®Vir for what is now known as “long Covid” symptoms. I’ve found that prescribing what is known as the “constitutional” remedy to a person recovering from Coronavirus symptoms is also a great help.

One of the remedies included in this combination is Arsenicum Album. This particular remedy has the symptom
“Anxiety about Health” in our symptoms dictionary. In this time many people are concerned and anxious about their family, health, money and the future, and this remedy is a good fit for these anxieties.

If your anxiety levels are very high you would benefit from discussing your anxieties during a consultation with me so we can find you a really good remedy to help you on a daily basis with your anxiety.

The most very important thing to remember during these times is not to fear.
There are many options available to us, not just what is shown to us on the television or radio.

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