Did you know that the language a person uses to tell their life story is incredibly important to a Homeopath? It is crucial that I listen carefully to my patients, not only for the content of what thy tell me, but the language they use.

🌳 There are remedies made from various different substances and even animal remedies in Homeopathy. These remedies are divided into “families” of remedies. We have the Mineral family, the plant family, and we also have “Bird Remedies” which are from the Bird family.

The Bird Family

🦅 I learned some years ago that people who Bird remedies are suited to include some people who

  • eat very little
  • have a limited diet
  • can be very thin
  • or eat all around them and remain thin.

🐣 “Bird families” use language and particular words to express their needs.  They talk of of

  • wanting freedom
  • feeling trapped
  • wanting connection and closeness
  • but feeling separate and detached.

🐦 Some Birds are chirpy and early morning singers, like the song birds.  Other birds are more calculating, more observant and are always assessing to close their business deal so they can feed themselves or their family, like the birds of prey.

🦜 And some birds are insanely jealous and madly in love, like lovebirds.

🦚 Some of these remedies are very powerful for those who have experienced very traumatic, and even abusive situations. Humans have abused birds, and still do to be of service, like most animals.

🦢 The swan bird is a bird that is know for the loss of a loved one, where the heart is being pulled constantly. This has an achy feeling. If you see a swan couple dancing and making the heart shape with their necks together you will start to understand the use of the remedy in those who cannot move beyond the broken heart.

🦆 One remedy that is not considered in the bird family is “Oscillococcinum”, but it is a remedy from the duck family. This remedy is one of the most useful remedies to use in a flu or cold, and is probably the first thing that the French people will reach for when they have a flu.

How Does Language Translate to our Health?

If a person is suffering from weight loss, or cannot put on weight despite eating well this is a reason for me to consider a bird remedy. Remedies from the Bird family have been very good to people with digestive upsets, with skin problems, with emotional difficulties and the feeling of being trapped within a family structure. May other factors are taken into consideration, so don’t run out and find a remedy from the Bird family to take! It may not be suitable for you!

Human Nature Mirrors the Natural World

🐚 Homeopathy reflects the natural world around us, in every way.   Humans reflect their own environments. If we grown up with an agricultural background we may need a remedy suitable for one that has a dutiful nature. These people have a duty to their livestock every day, no matter what else is happening, and no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Growing up in an environment without boundaries and stability may translate to the need for stability in later life.  Homeopathic Remedies that reflect stability will help fulfill that need, helping increase the feeling of stability stable within ourselves, so we may create our own safe and secure space.

Isn’t Human Nature fascinating in how it reflects the Natural World around us. And Homeopathy plays a great role in this too.

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