I’d never heard of Homoppp athicity (The Quack)

I never heard of Homeopathy before I had my children.  In fact, when I first sat in front of a Homeopath I didn’t care what she gave my child as long as it was going to help her.  I had been referred to a “Quack”.  My daughter had at 18 months old developed eczema. First on her back and then on her cheeks.  We had gone the medical route, used steroid creams.  The eczema came back, and back again.  I used a half a steroid pill the doctor gave me.  My child came running into me, had turned gray and looked withdrawn, and was frozen and did not speak for an hour.  I knew then I would never give her a steroid again.  I can still remember exactly what she was wearing that day and how gray she looked.

As a family we had never overused any medication.  So it was alien to me that we could not find something in nature that would help this eczema heal.

The Visit

I went to the visit with the “Quack” desperate for something to help.  I was asked questions about

  • my medical history
  • the pregnancy
  • the birth
  • my daughters foods and liquid intake
  • my daughters personality
  • my daughters bowel movements
  • symptoms of my daughters silent acid reflux, and when it happened, which was mostly evening time for us
  • my daughters diet
  • my daughters sleep pattern and quality of health
  • my daughters teething history

This was quite an experience.  I came out realising I had never been asked questions in such depth before by a medical professional.

The bottle of liquid drops arrived in the next few days, with instructions  of how to administer the drops every night.   Unlike other medications, this bottle tasted of water, sweet water.

After a few days my started daughter waiting for me before bedtime to give her the Homeopathic medicine.

A Different Experience

At my doctors when my daughter had acid reflux and eczema, I was given drops for the reflux and steroid cream for the eczema.  The drops made her scream in agony after the very first little drop, and I never gave her those drops again.  The Steroid cream did not solve the issue.

Shockingly, I was offered anti-depressants to help me cope – which I politely declined.  As the Acid Reflux was so bad a that time I just wanted my child’s pain and crying to stop.  She was a very happy and pleasant child, but it was excruciating to see her and hear her in such pain.  Every mother wants to solve their child’s pain, and it is especially hard to know exactly what to do when they are so young and have limited skills of communication.  I visited my doctor 5 times in total over the course of 6 months with no lasting results.  I don’t blame them.  They can only offer the tools they have.

At the Homeopath’s office I was offered a listening and compassionate ear.  She listened carefully and asked questions both about me and my child to decipher where the problem was and how she would Heal.

The Result:

Within one month of starting the drops the acid reflux had gone and her eczema had reduced significantly.  No cream, no dietary changes, just a few drops each night and the magic started to happen.

My daughter loved taking these drops.  And as a parent they were easy to give to her.

How Did Homeopathy Work For Us?

I was always a logical thinker.  I believe where there is a sensitivity, or a predisposition, in a family line it is possible to pass this onto our children.  This is referred to as Genetics, and also Miasmatic Traits in Homeopathy.  If my father had sensitive skin I saw no reason why I should not have the same predisposition.  I found this out very early on in life when I discovered I had a scar on my lower leg that was my mother’s scar, not mine.  I had never had an accident yet had a scar at the very same site my mother had her scar from a scalding tea burn.  Since studying nutritional therapy I understand further the correlation between genetics, miasms, predisposition and how both Homeopathy and Nutrition is important in the process of Healing and Wellness.

Homeopathy is sometimes given in such minute particles that even scientists cannot fully explain how it works – or perhaps they do not want to explain.  After all, you cannot patent a Homeopathic product because they are all made from a natural substance.  Therefore you don’t earn very much money from manufacturing the product itself.

My own personal understanding of Homeopathy is that the particles are so minute that they can get inside the cell and stimulate each cell and each organ to and each pathway to act in a manner that it is supposed to.  And this gentle approach is often the most healing.   I’ve seen plants spring back to life and grow from soaking up Homeopathic remedies when they were once thrown out, dry shriveled and thought to be dead.   Aconite, Arnica Silica and Carbo Veg from my kit worked miracles for these plants.

My first child was the only child to have any medications.  After I discovered Homeopathy and how to use it the bottles of over the counter fever remedies and cough bottles went out of date, and out into the bin.  I rarely use a thermometer, and never worry about a fever as I now the body is trying its best to deal with an infection, virus or bacteria.  Don’t take this as a green light to throw out your thermometer.  Use when You Need It!!!  The same for emergency medicines, they are powerful when they are needed, and if needed should be used.

Handling the Children’s Illness on my Own Steam

My first real test using Homeopathy was with Chicken Pox.  I  discovered that Rhus Tox is a great remedy for a rash or spots that itch.  Rhus Tox is made from poison ivy and in a minute dose can take away that itch.  I had read that Rhus Tox can help to speed up the progress of chicken pox, bring it to the surface, and facilitate healing much quicker.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Over a week all my 3 children caught, progressed through and healed from chicken pox.  My boy was around 7 months old at the time, my two girls aged 24 months, and 3 1/2 years old.

  • I gave Oat Baths 2-3 times per day – patted dry –
  • Hypercal cream from Helios applied after the bath lathered all over their bodies
  • and Rhus Tox 30c from the kit.  If I saw there was any discomfort they got 1 pill of Rhus Tox.

My boy was the last and the worst to get it, and he developed a little fever, which I gave Belladonna 30c for from my kit, which took down his fever.

And wouldn’t you know we had booked a trip to the zoo and a hotel stay that time.  Just as the second child was getting over her chicken pox I discovered my 7 month old boy was getting his chicken pox.   I was running out of the Hypercal cream and miraculously found a chemist that stocked Helios Hypercal Cream.  It is a rare find in a shop!!  I grabbed the last two tubes.  I now stock Helios Hypercal cream and Calendula Cream constantly in my clinic because they are such great products.  They are truly amazing!

Some Chicken Pox party that was!!!  But we made it through.  No huge itching problems, no wounds, no scratching, no scars afterwards.  And all in a week, which is quite an achievement, I think.  I really was delighted that I had discovered something that not only could help my children get through Chicken Pox without scratching, and easing discomfort, but that helped accelerate and heal the dis-ease at the same time, while leaving no scarring.

I highly recommend the above protocol above for chicken pox to anyone.

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