In Acute Prescribing we use remedies from our Homeopathic Kit, or sometimes that are not found in our kit, which are chosen based on symptoms.

We use a quick guide to help us select our remedy. This guide is known as C.L.A.M.S and stands for


What is happening at the same time as the illness – for example, is there a head pain with a tummy pain.


Where in the body is the symptom


What was the cause, the trigger, or what happened before the start of the illness – this could be cold, hot, wet weather, disturbed nights sleep, a party, accident or fright


This means something that makes someone feel worse or better:  for example, a hot drink makes them feel better, or sitting up feels worse.


This is useful when dealing with pain – what type of pain is it?  Can you describe the pain – this could be prickly, stinging, crawling, throbbing, burning, hot, cold



Often parents will report a temperature that has increased during an illness.  It is important to observe the changes in the child during this fever:  Is there fever with coldness, or heat?  Is there a red colour in the head or parts of the body with the temperature, or is there an abnormal pale colour in the face?


It is always a good idea to teach young children the different areas of the body, and also to explain different pain sensations.  When children are young and are in pain it is not easy for them to describe in words the feeling of their pain.  This is something I encourage all parents to show their children in a playful way.  The sensation of Pinching is a good way to start.  The child can pinch your skin gently and hear you say the word “Pinch – ouch”  this will help them associate the sensation of pinching with the physical feeling of pinching.  We can do the same with prodding, with a gentle finger prod, or throbbing by listening to the heart.


An example of a modality is that a person feels better if they are left alone when the are ill, or if they have company and want to be in the living area of the house.  We sometimes assume that a person would be better if they are resting and sleeping in a bedroom on their own, or in the case of having a cold feeling body that blankets and heat are required. Some people with a cold body during a fever feel better if the window is wide open, or if they have no blankets on them.  These are important observations.


Location is the area of the body where the feeling of pain or sensation is occurring.  If there is a head pain it is important to note the exact are of the head where the pain is.  If there is a pain in the “tummy” then we should check which area of the abdomen the pain is in.  Is it in the stomach area, intestines, down towards the colon, or in the belly button area.  Finding out a better location of the pain helps us find a better matching remedy.


This is a fancy name for “The Cause”  The cause, or what happened before the symptoms began is not always a virus or bacteria spread through a school or environment.  It could be a cold wind blowing, getting caught in the rain, an accident, shocking news or a shocking situation, change in circumstance, moving house or school.  These preceeding events are important to help find a to match your symptoms.

Simple Tips

When using our Homeopathy kit at home and we cannot find a remedy then it is a good idea to have this information ready for your Homeopath to help you through finding the right remedy.

If you need help finding the right remedy you can text me on 0877662741 to book your Acute Consultation