Constipation is a growing problem both among adults, children, and I’m seeing it more in babies.  Hassle free toilet trips are a sign of a good detox system and digestive system.  A slowing down or complete stop of bowel movements is a warning sign of toxin accumulation.

If your bowel is slow and you’re only going once every 2 to 3 days there is a constant build up of toxins.  Concentration can be poor, Children start to behave “badly” or have “tantrums”.  Other symptoms include pains and discomfort both in anal passage and in the abdomen, skin problems, disturbed sleep or not being able to go to sleep, tiredness, sweating or getting overheated, bad breath, headaches and migraine.

Where do we Begin to Heal Constipation?  



Good Food Choices Can Determine Our Future Health

Good Food Choices can Determine Our Health.

I discuss foods with you and make suggestions where you can swap out certain foods for others that provide more nutrients for your digestive system and your colon.  Feeding these systems decreases constipation.

The first item you can swap out is bread.  Pure white bread holds very little true nutritional value.  Giving yourself a break from processed white bread can help your digestive system and decrease constipation.


Homeopathy & “Probiotics”


Homeopathy has an individual set of probiotics which are termed “Bowel Nosodes”.  “Probiotic” seems a very simplified way to refer to these wonderful nosodes because they work magnificently to rebalance gut flora,  the detox system and the digestive system.

Having seen many children take these Homeopathic probiotics their sugar cravings diminish, behavior & sleep often improve.  Homeopathic probiotics help to relieve or remove congestion from the entire digestive system allowing easier transportation through the digestive tract and colon.  I love these Homeopathic probiotics because they work very gently and effectively over time.  I have seen improvements in Anxiety, IBS, constipation, skin problems, pregnancy sickness, fungal infections after a course Homeopathic Probiotics.


Babies – I Help Babies Too!!

Constipation, Babies & Homeopathy

Baby unsettled at night?  Baby going days or more than a week without a bowel movement?

Is this Normal?  No!!!  Contrary to what some “experts” say, its not normal for babies to be unsettled every night, not have bowel movements for weeks, and to have rumbling, trapped wind and colic that make them cry.

Babies tell me they are in pain by the movements they make.  You might notice some changes in your baby’s mood or movements.  Baby might go red in the face, have an increase in temperature, be restless, make faces, pull away from the breast or the bottle, kick legs, throw back heads, or sometimes throw up their entire feed.

Homeopathic remedies are so gentle, safe and effective for babies.  Homeopathy stimulates a gentle response allowing babies bowel motion to happen naturally and easily without force.  After giving one teaspoon of the correct remedy I have seen babies do 3 to 4 bowel motions in the one afternoon after ongoing chronic constipation.  One parent remarked

“I always know when his mother has given him his remedy because he goes for a poo straight away the next morning and his nappy is full

Once babies have started regular bowel motions often their sleep, mood and feeding habits improve.


A blend of herbs made in a Homeopathic way, tasty and effective.  This


Tasty Herbs in a Minute Dose

little bottle of goodness nourishes the digestive tract and the colon providing lots of good nourishment and support.  This Homeobotanical has been blended specifically to relieve chronic constipation, hemorrhoids and fissures.  The digestive element in the combination helps to relieve bloating, wind or flatulence, nausea and vomiting that might come with the constipation, travel sickness, and heartburn.

This blend can be adjusted to suit those with upper gastrointestinal symptoms, or to only relieve constipation, and one bottle lasts approximately 4-6 weeks.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

hair-tissue-mineral-analysisI love working with Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis because it shows so much information at a glance, including the ability of the digestive system to break down and absorb nutrients, and the effectiveness of converting these nutrients to energy and the ability to detox.

I can see clearly see the ability of the digestive and detox system from your HTMA.

I have seen clients improve their health and banish constipation from implementing recommendations on my Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Reports.  The change in health has been life changing for some, because you find out exactly what your body needs and rely on good food, nutrient and mineral intake to improve your digestion, colon health and detox system.


Taking a Stool Sample


Taking a Serious Look at Gut Health

If you want to take an in-depth look at your overall health a Gastro-Intestinal test is perfect.

This test shows the presence of various pathogens, bacteria, various good gut flora depletion or overabundance, fungi or yeast, parasites, immune response, inflammation and much much more.  Looking at the “markers” in your sample results gives a very detailed view of exactly what is going on in your colon and digestive health.



Specific Detoxification & Unblocking the Pathway of Chemical Reactions


Specific Human Chemistry Detox Protocols can Unblock the Pathway

Are you the Person who has tried EVERYTHING and Nothing Has Worked?

A chemical substance, drug, medication may have left a residual trace in the digestive or detox system which inhibits the normal functioning of the detox pathway, digestive system or decreases colon health.  The most simple example of this is damage to gut flora and microbiome due to antibiotic use.  70-80% of immune cells are found in the gut.  When the gut flora is damaged immune cells can become weak causing a vicious cycle of illness and antibiotic use, further damaging gut health and immune health.  Using specific Protocols I put together a comprehensive package to deal with the toxin exposure and improve your natural detox health.  I have seen immunity rising in my clients for long periods of time after completing these protocols.

What does this mean for constipation?  When the detoxification system, digestive system and colon health are improved by removing the chemical residue constipation is soon resolved.


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