New Year Old You As we enter another New Year we see all the signs of the promotions bombarding us. It’s lovely to avail of this time of year to start something fresh. Research shows that 60-80% of New Years Resolutions fail by the end and January.

Instead of trying to fit into the category of starting something new I’d like to suggest we look at revisiting some simple good habits that we have developed over years, forgotten and perhaps completely ignored since the Christmas Season and Jolly Will have set in.

Do Not Disturb

Precious Sleep


Sleep the most coveted and sometimes most difficult self-care routine to develop. Did you know that the organs of the body naturally detox from the hours of 10pm at night until around 6-7am in the morning. Those that wake up between 1am and 4am at night are more likely to have liver stress. Those that work night shifts are more likely to have stressed organs because they are not detoxing properly.  This can lead to irritability and poor mood.

The brain has a self cleaning mechanism that removes waste material during our sleep cycle. Brain fog and poor memory can be triggered by loss of sleep.

These are only a few benefits of sleep. So setting an alarm on your phone to go to bed at a certain time, shutting down the screens and tv can help you achieve good sleep habits. Most phones have a bed time setting so you can optimize your off screen time. The screen can turn black and white, making it less attractive to scroll or read. This can be very useful.



Water: Our greatest source of feeling energetic and flowing. We are living on a planet that is 71% water.
We are born from a sac containing water like fluid which protects a growing foetus from infection, and feeding the foetus nutrients and electrolytes essential for development. More than half a babies weight at birth is water, and the human body retains anything from approximately 40% to 70% during your life time, depending on gender and age. Fluid forms a large part of our body, our blood, our organs. So water is really important to human beings.

Anecdotal reports in 2022 claim that up to 75% of the American population suffers from chronic dehydration. The more realistic figure is 20% of the population is dehydrated. Dehydration occurs before you feel really thirsty.

Dehydration can contribute to
💧Fatigue and Irritability
💧Bloating & Constipation
💧Feeling Dizzy, lightheaded or Head Pains
💧Muscle cramps and aches
💧Bad breath and bad body odor
💧Dry skin and wrinkled skin
💧Water retention

Water is essential to support our organs and detoxification. Increasing good water intake can help concentration, mood, constipation and sleep – common complaints after the Christmas season. Topping up on water helps replenish the water loss after extra alcohol, coffees and other seasonal drinks. Water also has the added bonus of helping you to feel fuller, satisfied and decreases hunger feelings. And remember, the feeling of being thirsty is often mistaken as hunger.

Declutter – Your Office, Home, Mind and Body


Decluttering your home, office or surroundings brings such a calming peaceful feeling. When there is less clutter there are less items to mind, to clean and tidy away. Christmas and New Year holidays are a really good time to clear out your wardrobe, especially childrens as they often get new clothing and toys. It can be overwhelming at times the amount of new toys children get, so a declutter at that time is easier as children don’t feel like they are losing out because they have already received a replacement for something they may have grown too old for.

There is a wonderful book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.  One tip is a so simple to do: Re-organise your sock drawer – I invite you to try this one out.

  1. Take every sock out of your sock drawer.
  2. Pair the socks together
  3. Pick out 10 to 14 pairs of socks that you use most often, your favourite and most comfortable pairs.
  4. Take the socks that are left over – and let them go. These extra socks are the socks that get moved around, never get worn and take up time and headspace trying to find somewhere to tuck them. They also add to clutter and take time from your day Every single Day.

Another tip she gives is to hold an item of clothing, or anything else. If you have a feeling of joy from the item keep it. If there is no joy or a negative feeling let it go. This tip has been incredibly useful to me in decluttering.  You can see more tips on the KonMari Method by searching Mari Kondo on Youtube.

I also have one more rule that I apply: If it has not been worn or used in the last two seasons, let it go. It’s not going to be worn in the next two, and again will take up room, time moving it around, and headspace.

These small tips have helped me and my children declutter constantly and efficiently over the years.  I confess I start to feel a little overwhelmed and anxious when the clutter starts to build up, so this is an important practice for me to continue for my own headspace.  When there is less clutter there is more time to focus on the things I need to do and want to do every day.

Decluttering also helps you to move more in your own home, and get in few extra steps and lifts and stretches without realising.  And it feels very good at the end of a day.

Cooking from Scratch

Cooking from Raw Ingredients (not using packet foods) can be so much fun.  In January most people are trying to reduce their spending after the Christmas splurge, and trying to eat at home.  Using raw local ingredients and being creative with family and friends during this time can be so much fun.  

So many people look to diet sheets during January, but using raw organic and locally available real ingredients can help you reduce your weight naturally after the Christmas splurge.  Any meal or diet plan encourages cooking your meals from scratch, preparing ingredients and meals for a few days or weeks.  January is a great time of year to explore different recipes, ingredients, spices and herbs.  There is an added bonus here – shopping local means parking your car, walking to the local shops increasing your movement, and helps you create connections and relationships with your local food providers.  The local butcher, grocer, organic store owners and assistants are usually delighted to share their tips and tricks with you, leading to a more satisfying meal.  You won’t get this extra service from a larger company.

Finally:  Be Kind To Yourself

Beauty Products and Giftsets are often received for Christmas.  January is the perfect time to try these out, especially with the extra steps and physical workouts people are pushing themselves to do.

Taking a short bath and some time to Care for My Self is a habit I think we could all improve on.  Showing ourself kindness and care can be challenging at times.  Setting a date to pamper My Self at home creates the painful habit of putting My Self first once in a while.  It also sends a clear message to our own children that taking time out alone by ones self without screens, away from friends and influences is important, and a healthy practice.


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