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Antoinette Byrne Homeopathy & Nutrition

Hello, I’m Antoinette

Welcome to my website. Take some time to look around.
I offer a combination of services to help you improve your physical and mental health: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Homeopathy, Homeobotanicals, Nutrition, and Biofeedback.

I have a particular interest in anxiety, depression, general anxiety disorder, panic attacks, hormonal health and the digestive system as these are intrinsically linked in order to maintain great health.

My Goal is:

To use simple effective methods to help you restore your health & energy

To use natural drug-free methods of healing


To show you how to improve your health so you learn what is suitable for your own body’s needs

What my clients are saying


“I told Antoinette about my tiredness and terrible hayfever. I was so tired I could barely talk, my brain was so foggy. I had hayfever for 20 years. My anti-histamines were not working. I had a phone consult with Antoinette and collected my prescription. Within 20 minutes of taking one tiny little pill my head cleared and I have had no hayfever symptoms. “


“Another win for Homeopathy: the warts have gone!”


“Thank you so much for everything . I suffered badly last year with my immune system as a result of years of heavy conventional medicine but now thanks to your help my immune system is working on its own !!!! Thank you so much”
SD, Wexford


“I genuinely would not have known the pollen count was high due to *John’s lack of hayfever symptoms! Thank you!”
CON, Carlow


“I don’t know where to start but homeopathy has changed my life,I no longer go for conventional medicine as my first port of call I trust homeopathy and its ability to heal, along with guidance from Antoinette. I wish I could tell the world how well it has helped my family and friends….in a nutshell homeopathy rocks”
CQ, Limerick


“That remedy Definitely suits! Loads of energy and mood good.”

My Blog

Teen Conflict – What is Listening Beyond Words?

Teen Conflict – What is Listening Beyond Words?

Teens get such a bad rep at times. If we changed our approach to their demanding outbursts, or recognised a problem early could we help sooner to avoid an outburst. How can Natural Therapies help heal a conflict between parents and teens, or children. Is it possible to heal a conflict between parents and children if you don’t know what the cause of the conflict is.

Stress:  How Do You Identify Your Stress?

Stress: How Do You Identify Your Stress?

“I feel so stressed and I can’t understand why”  When you mention Stress we need to look at What Stress Means & Where does Stress Come From? Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Trauma, Nutrition, Poor Lifestyle and Environmental Factors contribute to stress. What are the other reasons I feel Stressed?

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