– Are you considering having baby?

– Are you trying to conceive and having problems?

– Have you been taking contraceptives for years?

– Do you have problems converting your foods into nutrients?

– Is your digestive system working properly?

– Is your gut health good?

– Are your digestion and gut health working well enough to keep you healthy and energetic during pregnancy, to convert your foods and supplements into nutrients to allow healthy development of a foetus?

– Are you stressed and are you sleeping?


These, and many many more are all the questions I ask you and help you to improve when we work together.

Stress plays a major role in decreasing overall health and can greatly impact your fertility. If you have stress in your life we need to reduce the stress and stress response and support your adrenals. There are very effective and simple ways to do this. One possibility is to take Vitamin C daily. Why? Vitamin C supports your adrenal glands.

I suggest natural forms of Vitamin C where possible, or supporting with a very high quality Vitamin C supplement.

Another thing we look at is your digestion and how you are breaking down your foods. Have you enough acids in your stomach and enough bile in your gallbladder to break down the foods, and redistribute your nutrients. Is your food good quality.

Do you have your gallbladder or was it removed and if so what impact is this having on your overall health?

All of these factors play an important role in whether you will conceive and have a healthy pregnancy.

Generally women are told to increase Folic Acid supplementation. Folic Acid, in most supplements is a synthetic form of Folate. Folate is needed to develop a heatlhy foetus. But if you have the MTHFR gene and are taking the synthetic form of Folic Acid your body is unable to convert folic acid to its usable form. This can cause problems with the developing foetus.

I only recommend usable forms of Folic Acid and other vitamins when working with my clients, to ensure they are getting the optimum benefits from your supplements and foods.

I use:

Natural medicines


Non-synthetic supplements

to improve your overall health and energy during preconception period to get you pregnancy ready.

If you’d like to work with me on your fertility before it becomes an issue, or even if you have tried other routes to conceive please contact me.