We escaped it for a long time, but it finally caught up with us. I’ve had a few questions about how we handled it so I thought I’d share our own experience.

Everyone seems to be affected differently. And in my experience, and from information I have gathered since it all began, I see it goes to the “Weak Spot” in the body, and really settles into that point until you address that issue, that you had not addressed properly before.

How it Started:

I can tell you the exact time: At 7pm on Tuesday night very cold to the bone. I had a very hot shower, had chills up and down the spine and just knew for sure I had “caught” something. The strangest thing was the very sudden start of the symptoms. I knew within 10 minutes that I had more than just a passing chill.

I went to bed, and was in a deep sleep for most of the night. I felt some pain in the knee and hip joints. This is an inflammatory response of the immune system.
Over the coming days I dealt with a little joint pain, a little back pain, a little head pain. A cough that felt like it might become a chest infection. And thankfully nothing came to a head. The deepest symptom I felt was exhaustion.

My 3 children developed symptoms very quickly too. Cough and fatigue, chills and fatigue were the worst for two. The eldest had the most horrible head pain for 3 days straight. And little sleep. Even though every time I checked on her she said she had not slept she did sleep.
Remember I said at the beginning that the virus hits the “Weak Spot” my eldest is a terror for banging her head. She plays hard, and hurst hard too. The only thing that got rid of her headache was a Homeopathic remedy that specifically address a head injury. And that was the end of her “virus”.
My boy slept for 2 days, drank his Vitamin C and recovered quickly.
My youngest daughter was doing fine, then developed a sniffle and cough, along with a slight head pain. Some carefully selected tissue salts, inflammatory reducing foods, soup and early nights sorted out her “virus”


Phones and WIFI!! Turn them Off if possible. Because we all had the virus at the same time we did not have to stay in our rooms, and had the entire house to roam around. That really consisted of going downstairs to let the dogs outside. Then a climb back upstairs straight into bed.

If there was ever proof of phones being bad for a persons health it was during this time. When the phones and wifi were turned on sleep was disturbed and poor. When the phones and WIFI were off we all relaxed and had better sleep.

Limit stress. If you can turn off your phone and limit exposure to news, gossip, and thoughts that do not concern you at all, do. Keeping your mind to yourself and “Minding Your ~Own Business” is one of the best ways to stay in a place of low inflammation and healing. When we exposure ourselves to stressful situations, whether in reality or in our minds, inflammation rises in the body. This will only prolong or make your symptoms worse. Taking a break from the World, friends and family can be really helpful.

Tell your child what to expect   

Children have been bombarded by such negative messages on television and radio that they might have anxiety around the virus and might be hiding it from you.

My symptoms started first. I could tell my children what to expect: shivers, joint pains, lack of energy, head pain, a great desire to sleep. I explained to them what I found helped me. This really helped them settle in, and be at home with the full intention of resting and recovering.



We had no appetite. There was mention of soup on day 3, and by day 5 we managed some strawberries, pears, and banana. 2 strawberries was enough for me. 1 banana for my son, 1/4 a pear for my daughter, and some orange for my other daughter. After that preparation on day 5 it was time to go back to bed. We had proper foods only, no inflammatory foods, and after day 9 they did have a packet of crisps as a treat.

Get someone to drop over some supplies to your door. If you can, making a simple vegetable soup is a great idea. If you can’t make it get someone to drop over the best quality shop-bought soup or home made soup from a local deli, shop or restaurant that you like. I don’t advise bone broth during the virus, as it can stimulate an inflammatory response for some people. The immune system will mount it’s own inflammatory response to deal with the virus, so we need to feed ourselves Anti-Inflammatory foods,

Supplements & Sleep:

The best advice I can give is to sleep. Sleep and more sleep. That is the key. As long as the immune system is working hard, the best thing you can do is to sleep. Some people will have complications, but preparing in advance with healthy REAL FOODS (local and organic where possible), lots of fresh air and a healthy lifestyle is just what we need.

Because we had no appetite I asked for Vitamin C effervescent to be dropped over to the house. For the first 4 days I had 2 tablets in water 3 – 4 times per day, and reduced then when I no longer liked the taste. Our body will guide us to what we need. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and helps reduce inflammation, and helps remove toxins from the body. I was told by one person
“this virus is a virus of toxicity”. During the virus it felt like my body was benefitting from not eating. Fasting can throw the body into Autophagy – the death of “bad cells” helping to rid the body of toxins. Fasting can also help to completely renew the microbiome, thereby strengthening the immune system. Not eating felt like the right thing to do during the illness.


Energy was very poor for the first week. Around week 2 we went for a longer walk of an hour. We took our time, and were tired that night.
Appetite was very low, and came back slowly. On day 6 we managed 1 full light meal in the afternoon, and that was our lot for the day. Water was our friend.
Rest & Sleep was our Biggest and Most Welcome Companion.

Homeopathy Kit ReadyHomeopathy:

Surprisingly we took very few remedies. These were the ones I found most useful:
Nux Vomica
Natrum Sulph
and a liver support towards the end.

To recover I used Homeobotanicals which are a herbal preparation that are taken directly into the mouth in small drops.

Not everyone is going to have the same symptoms as we did. The headache, joint pains and other acute symptoms can go very deep and be very painful. It is really important that we all try to eat as healthy as possible, with REAL FOOD as much as possible, and stay hydrated with real clean water! If our digestive health is not right no amount of supplements will help us. So we have to look carefully at the the food we ingest first. And try to limit our exposure to toxins, chemicals and medications where possible. This is a wake up call to everyone to take control of your own health, mind and body.

After this experience I can highly recommend 3 full days of sleep to any mother!!!!


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