Homeopathic Gem remedies are made from crystals and stones.  Gems are used in healing modalities like Reiki & contain minerals which are naturally combined in the Earth over many hundreds and thousands of years.  They hold healing properties and were used by Sumerians as far back as 4000 BC.  Egyptians wore crystals as jewelry to draw creativity, abundance, fertility and insight to rulers.

The most gentle of crystals in my experience is the Rose Quartz.  I was first very drawn to this crystal after the death of my own father.  I was thinking of my father one day and I found a large beautiful Rose Quartz in a crystal shop in Spain.  I held onto it until I felt a gentle peace come to my heart,  a release of tension and a feeling of love for my father replaced the feeling of loss.

I prescribe Rose Quartz for its heart healing properties.  Rose Quartz contains minerals Silica, sodium, alumina, iron, titanium, calcium, magnesium, manganese.  I have prescribed many of these minerals homeopathically to ease tension, anxiety and soothe the nervous system, where suitable.  After a traumatic experience, including grief or shock, the nervous  system is stimulated, a series of biological reactions cause tension and stress on the body and the heart.  Rose Quartz has been know to help balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system stopping the feeling of being in “fight or flight” mode.

Rose Quartz & The Periodic Table

The Periodic Table is a a tool I use to prescribe.  The minerals of Rose Quartz correspond to Row 3 of the periodic table, the nurturing Row where we nurture our identity, seek appreciation and acknowledgement for who we are, and nurture relationships with our family and others.  Rose Quartz also contains minerals of Row 4, which represents the further development of the qualities built in Row 3; developing the relationships, working together with your partner and family and with yourself to establish meaningful relationships and stability.  Rose Quartz minerals are mostly in Row 4 showing the strength of the relationships that have been developed.  The qualities of Row 4 are hard steadfast workers who put a lot of effort into building different areas of their lives, home, career, relationships, family.

When to Think of Rose Quartz as a Healing Remedy

Losing a relationship that has been nurtured and valued can lead to a broken heart. “Where did I go wrong?  I worked so hard” is a common rhetorical question.  This is when Rose Quartz and its healing properties are most effective, it brings relaxation to the nervous system, heart muscle aches, allowing  the trauma of a great loss to begin healing to :

  • a relationship that has ended or has been unfulfilling
  • the longing for children who have not come
  • the loss of a home or family unit
  • the unfulfilled longing for relationships with deep loving connections
  • the lost career or business
  • A break in any relationship.

Sometimes talking about the loss or entering into discussions to dissolve or resolve the relationship can be very difficult, even with a counsellor.  Rose Quartz can help ease the pain so you can talk about your experience, or resolve matters in a way where you can move forward in the relationship.

In every remedy there is an unbalanced side, the side where there is more negative than there is positive attributes.  For those who lack joy in their life, have a lost their sense of ease fun or laughter, cannot make connections with other people or distrust others, Rose Quartz can soften the heart to allow joy, laughter, connection and trust back into their heart.

Traumatic events often cause tension or pain in other areas of the body, constipation and even loss of libido due to the effects on the nervous system.  Sleep is often disturbed, but people needing Rose Quartz sleep more than normal.  Their heart is broken and they would prefer to stay in bed to get away from their heartache.

I’ve seen this remedy transform people gently from being sad, unable to laugh or make connections with others after a great loss or heartache.  Laughter, Love, Joy are feelings that all human beings are capable of experiencing and this remedy has helped to bring back the Joie de Vivre to the heart.

There is a way to Heal a Broken Heart!

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