Have you Heard of Macrophage and How it Works Hard for You?


A macrophage is part of your immune system. It is a type of white blood cell, and is made in the bone marrow – yes, it’s that important this little microscopic part of our body is made all the way in the depts of our bone marrow. That is why healthy bone marrow and blood is so important to our immune system.
When a bacteria, a virus or other foreign invader is detected in the body, our immune system stimulates macrophage activity.  In very simple terms, the Macrophage surrounds and destroys that virus, bacteria or foreign invader.  The invader is then recycled.  The immune system creates a memory of that invader, so it recognises it the next time it tries to come in to the body, and is ready to attack it again, but quicker the next time.  It reminds me of the Original Video Game – Pac Man!
This is one part of our immune system that plays a really important role in our body to keep us healthy, and help “clean out the rubbish”

Where Are Macrophages?


Macrophage circulate all around the body and are very important in maintaining health

  • in the lungs, where macrophage activity gets rid of unwelcome bacteria and dead cells
  • in the liver, helping initiate immune response when necessary and plays a role in renewal of liver tissue
  • in the spleen by getting rid of old red blood cells
  • and in the Central Nervous system, where macrophages, referred to as Microglia eliminate old and dead neurons

Do you know one thing that stops the macrophage from doing its job?


Anti-pyrectics, or substances that reduce temperature during fever artificially. You see the body is desperately trying to raise the temperature to deal with the invader.  A healthy fever is normal and natural.  When the body is dealing with an invader, usually there will be sweat with fever.  This is a healthy fever.


What will help the Macrophage to do it’s job?

Homeopathy:  In the Helios Basic Homeopathy Kit there is a remedy called “Merc Viv”.  Merc Viv does practically the same job as Merc Sol in the body, and is often used instead of Merc Sol.  A Brazilian study on mice published in September 2011 showed Merc Sol, given in Homeopathic dilution over 7 days increased macrophage activity.
In India Arsenicum Album is the prophylaxis of choice used in the fight against the Covid Ninteen pandemic.  One reason for the use of Arsenicum Album was it’s use to  modulate macrophage activity.
Other Homeopathic remedies used to stimulate macrophage activity include Aconite, Bryonia, Lachesis, Thuja, Belladonna.
An interesting study shows Belladonna on it’s own shows macrophage activity, and Belladonna alongside Echinacea as a homeopathic remedy.  However when Echinacea was used on its own in a low potency there was no indication of macrophage activity.

Would you like to see your Macrophage in Action?


I love this video showing the macrophage annihilating Ecoli in the digestive tract. It’s a very simplistic view, but it tells the story very clearly:

Video Link of Macrophage Eating Ecoli Bacteria

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