“There is No Cure For That”  Oh if I had a Euro for every time I heard this said.

The word “Cure” is a funny one.  In Conventional medicine if someone is made better they are “cured” or “in remission”.  To Homeopaths and those who use Alternative Medicine and Nutrition the term “Cure” is banned.
To Cure:  to Make Someone with an Illness Healthy Again
This is the definition of “Cure” in the Cambridge Dictionary

 to make someone with an illness healthy again

There are some very chronic genetic illnesses which require good management which do not fully “Cure”.  But Homeopathy, like any form of medicine is giving this preconceived idea a run for its money!!
Homeopathy is Evolving
Homeopathy, like any form of medicine, is evolving.  And we are seeing great strides in areas of genetic illnesses from around the world in our world wide Homeopathy Community.  Our Community is growing, experts including doctors, nurses, Nutritionists, Farmers, Vets, Naturopaths, Surgeons, Biochemists, Scientists from around the globe are joining and sharing their knowledge through Homeopathy and its use.  We have a wide pool of professionals to reach out to and many are improving and evolving the World use of Homeopathy.
I have seen more recently in Countries where access to Conventional Medicine has been restricted during the current times,  Homeopaths have been reporting an increase in people using Homeopathy.
“Everyone says there is no “Cure” for Fibromyalgia, that it cannot be treated”
Last week TWO of my female clients reported their  Fibromyalgia is GONE since they started working with me.
Neither lady had any “miracle” protocol.  In fact both had very different Homeopathy Prescriptions, dietary advice and supplements.  But both ladies saw a dramatic decrease in pain and increase in wellbeing in the first 2 months of their prescriptions.
This is not always the case.  Healing, True Healing means getting to the core of the symptom expression.  And this can take time.
As for “The Cure”.  There is no short term “Cure”.  Getting to the very core of the person is really what brings long term Healing.  Each individual has their own expression of symptoms and illness.
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