The Thyroid Gland is butterfly shaped and can be felt at the front of the throat.

Tetraidothronine, Thyroxine or T4 is the main hormone produced by the Thyroid gland.  In order to make T4 Iodine, Manganese, Selenium, Vitamin C, B2, A, D, Iron, Healthy Organs, Healthy Gut and Digestive system, are required.

Many people are taking medications to help with thyroid function.  This is a short term solution to a long term problem which involves poor nutrients, toxic elements, adrenal imbalance, digestive imbalance, and in some cases cell impermiability.

Long Term Thyroid Concerns

The Thyroid & Parathyroid are responsible for regulating calcium.  Calcium Magnesium and Potassium when out of balance all have a part to play in unbalanced Thyroid Health.  Over time if a thyroid is out of balance Calcium can either be too high or be too low in the body.  Low Calcium in the bones indicates Osteoporosis.  High Levels indicates Arteriosclerosis, Joint pains, Kidney stones and calcification in general.

Thyroid & Metabolism – Weight

A function of the Thyroid Gland is to regulate Metabolism.  Good Metabolic rate indicates weight regulation.  Sluggish Metabolism indicates weight gain.  A high metabolic rate may lead to weight loss, which occurs in Hyperthyroid activity.  A slow metabolic rate and slow thyroid activity often lead to weight gain.  Increasing nutrients to allow thyroid hormones to become active increases weight stability.

Thyroid & Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis shows the levels of minerals and toxic elements found deposited in the tissue. The higher the levels the more over abundant that mineral or element is in the body.

As levels increase beyond a healthy level the body will instinctively push it somewhere away from vital organs to try to keep these vital organs safe.  Toxic elements can be found in the brain, liver kidney waiting until there is enough energy to excrete.  Conditions also have to be favorable for excretion to occur.  Nutrients are required to pull the toxic elements from various areas of the body, transport them and make them ready for excretion.  It is a biochemical process, which may be different for each person.

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis gives an overall view of what toxic elements are present in the body, and what the body is lacking to help excretion to occur.  Detoxification is another word for excretion.

When Toxic Elements are present where Nutrients should be then the entire flow of the body is completely out of balance.  Toxic elements such as Mercury can stop the absorption of minerals causing the normal function of the thyroid to decrease.

Thyroid & Pregnancy

Pregnancy Mineral PackThyroid activity is important during pregnancy.  The fetus relies on Mum to feed it nutrients, like Calcium.  Where Calcium is not being regulated by the thyroid Calcium may be pulled from Mum to provide to baby.  This is why the Pregnancy Mineral Pack is important during pregnancy.

When Thyroid and Parathyoid activity is out of balance Calcium regulation is out of balance and appropriate amounts may not reach the fetus.

Calcium is important for fetal development of healthy bones, muscles, nerves, heart and future development of teeth.

Calcium Supplementation During Pregnancy

I do not advise Calcium supplementation during pregnancy.  Calcification, or an unhealthy build up of calcium can be caused by taking suitable supplements.  The inability to absorb supplements can cause great ill health.  Nutrient dense foods are needed, a healthy digestive to ensure nutrient absorption, and a healthy detoxification system will ensure excretion of toxic elements.

The Pregnancy Mineral Pack is the only Calcium supplementation I recommend during pregnancy, unless there is a specific reason it is required.

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