It is always a privilege to be part of someone’s healing journey. They are all unique and all very personal to the one travelling through the different stages of that journey.

My colleague often says this: Just Two Little Pills

Pure Magic can start to happen in those Two Little Pills.
When my client is speaking I hear the remedy in their experience and their reaction.

A Gentle Man’s Experience

One lovely well spoken gentleman told me his remedy in the first two sentences he spoke. He had problems with his mother growing up and some other issues with tooth pain and skin problems.
I Prescribed Two Little Pills.
The Healing Journey he went through during the next 30 days was astonishing. The truth of his childhood was uncovered for him.   Blame turned to Admiration, Respect and Love. And finally forgiveness, and a reunion in love at his mothers death bed.

The Healing Journey

These two little pills started a release of blame, which opened up the possibility of healing the relationship with his mother.  A series of events occurred that allowed this gentleman to resolve what had been causing him emotional pain, physical skin and teeth problems, and allowed the deepest healing experience with his mother.

A Quick Fix

We sometimes have the impression that one pill, session or a medication should “fix the problem”.
Our bodies do not work like that. The mind very much affects the manifestation of symptoms in the body.
As Byron Katie said
“anyone that says the mind and body are not connected has obviously never experienced a sexual fantasy!!”

The Month Long Headache

Last month I spoke with a teen who had anxiety, low mood, and a month long headache. She did not talk about the headache. Instead she told me about her issues with her friends.
I prescribed the remedy: Two Little Pills
What started then was the worst headache she had ever experienced.
Then Silence.
Followed by a complete release of all of her anxious thoughts to her parents.
I deal a lot with migraine problems. They are not always physical. In fact, it is most often the emotional disclosures that identify the remedy that is most needed.
So, this is a reminder to you:

If The Remedy You Choose is Not Working Seek Professional Advice. Sometimes Two Little Pills Can Bring Huge Healing.

Sometimes It Only Takes The RIGHT TWO LITTLE PILLS

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