“I feel so stressed and I can’t understand why”  When you mention Stress we need to look at What Stress Means & Where does Stress Come From?

Stress is often associated with rushing around, trying to get children out the door to school, meeting deadlines at work or at home, or trying to fulfill needs of family and friends.  Trying to fit everything into the day can leave little time for down-time or self care.


Forgotten Sources of Stress

Have you forgotten how “burnt out” you became from over partying or over studying?  Have you forgotten the pressure you put yourself under trying to achieve the best in your work life or at school?  Or working yourself into the ground trying to achieve that promotion or that bonus?

I’ve seen some students have serious mental health crashes and nervous breakdown from studying too hard and pushing themselves too hard. I’ve seen caffeinated drinks & pills, other over the counter substances and under the counter substances used to try to keep people awake trying to cram for exams. These choices contribute to creating a stressful environment in the body.

Anne had exams. Anne stopped socialising, running, playing tennis with her club and concentrated on her studies alone. Anne did not have time to go for a walk when she got off the bus from school. She forgot to stretch in the morning before going to school. She grabbed a cup of coffee and toast on the way out the door to the bus. Anne became so tired before the Christmas break. Her sleep was broken, her body felt achey, she felt like she was putting on weight. And she could not concentrate anymore. Anne went from a Grade A student to a Student struggling to get a C+ grade and felt like a failure. Anne was suffering the effects of a stressful lifestyle. Anne forgot how to nourish her mind and her body to allow her to study and achieve good grades.

Mark was training to achieve the highest he could in Athletics. He had goals to get to the Olympics. Mark had a pristine diet and was taking the right supplements. He knew how his body operated down to the second. He knew when he was going to become ill because his body would not operate at 4 minutes like it normally would. His times would be slower and his recovery would be even slower. Mark had not changed anything in his life. But he was so tired after his training sessions. Mark was staying up late at night to catch up with his friend who had moved away and was going through a very tough time. Mark could not do anything for his friend because he was not in the same country. His friend was finding it tough financially and had not been able to socialise as much as he had been at home. Mark’s friend was finding it difficult. Mark thought it was good to give his friend time to talk through his problems. Mark soon realised his friends problems were not going away or changing. And has friend was talking of the same problems every time he rang. Mark began to get a little annoyed that his friend had not tried to make changes to his life to make things better for himself. Mark began to realise that the relationship with has friend was causing stress in his life and stopping him from achieving his goals.
Mark was tired. Tired from staying awake too late listening to his friend. Mark began to feel stressed.

Paul wanted the best for his family.  He wanted to build a house but decided to manage the build himself.  He was putting in 18 hour days working and travelling to the site and working on the build every weekend.  Paul forgot to eat healthy and became malnourished and picked up every cold going.  Paul was so tired when the house was built that Paul could not play with his children anymore.  He was too tired and exhausted from over stretching himself and reaching his goal.  Paul’s wife and children were enjoying their weekends in their new home, and Paul was in his bed sleeping most of the weekend.  Paul pushed himself into Chronic Fatigue and didn’t recognise it, neither did his employer or doctor.  Paul was stressed because he was worried about his health, and even though lots of medical tests showed everything was fine Paul felt depleted and became stressed and anxious over an illnesses Dr Google was advising on.  Paul’s stress soon turned into anxiety and fear.  

Questioning Where Stress Comes From

Is it possible to take every step to self-care and still feel stress?

The answer is YES !!!

Here are some of the reason we feel Stress can come from

  • Outside Environmental Factors: Life, Family, Friends, Circumstances that we cannot seem to opt out of.  Social Media and Influencers.  Trends. Financial pressures.  Government decisions.  International Rules.  Thyroid Levels
  • Toxins in our Environment: Exposure to Chemicals during house cleaning, in work, factories, in the air around us especially if we walk around in heavy traffic areas. Chemicals sprayed in the air and on crops near to where we life. Chemicals in our tap water which we might drink daily
  • Internal Sources of Stress include reliving traumatic experiences which create a vicious cycle of stress response in our body. This is referred to at PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This type of stress can be ongoing. Some abusive living situations can lead to a traumatic and stress response in the body daily. A particular sound or look from someone can trigger a stress response.
  • Illness – short term and especially long term illness can place stress on the body. Illness can use up a lot of nutrients, energy and depress normal bodily function leading to stress both mentally and physically. One common factor of stress is poor thyroid and adrenal health.  Both can lead to fatigue, illness, low mood, anxiety and feelings of stress for no apparent reason.
  • Chronic Pain:  Being in pain for a short time is difficult.  But Chronic pain is debilitating and puts huge stress on the body, and the mind.  A person may seem fine to the outside world, but internally the pain can distract them from everything that is going on in the world, and make them irritable and can lead to depression.  Chronic pain coupled with medication to manage pain levels can lead to nutrient depletion, imbalanced microbiome, adding to physical and mental stress.  
  • Being Ignored:  If you’ve ever listened to Chronic Lyme disease patients you will hear their fight for a diagnosis and recognition of the stress their body is under.  There is a Stress created by illness alone.  Being Ignored or dismissed or feeling not heard about your symptoms and illness adds to the feelings of stress.    
  • Over exercising without recovery can place enormous stress on various areas of the body, including the organs or the body, and the most important muscle – the Heart.
  • Toxins inside the body like heavy metals, residue of chemicals or drugs or medications can cause enormous stress, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue and allergy type reactions.  This can be a huge strain on the body leading to deeply felt stressToxic Load
  • Poor Diet and Faulty Nutrition:  This is a biggie.  Did you know “bad genes” can be turned on or off by our choice in nutrition?  Our Microbiome, or gut health greatly effects our overall health.  Certain microbiome depletion can increase the occurrence and frequency of panic attacks.  Some microbiome can help to increase medical treatment success.  Other microbiome can help recovery after training sessions in athletes.  Intake of the wrong fats and foods can clog up our detox pathways leading to excessive toxins running through our body and blood stream, affecting our mental health and physical health.  When things get completely out of control our stress levels can increase to be very high and can lead to anxiety and panic.  These feelings of anxiety and stress alone can come from a poor high sugar and toxic diet.  


How to Address Stress:

    1. Sleep.  It may sound obvious, but sleep is the number one priority.  If you are not sleeping this is an indication that your hormones are out of balance, corticosteroids are out of balance, circadian rhythm is out of whack.  Foods and stimulants can contribute to poor sleep.  Increased toxin load, poor digestion, inappropriate use of over the counter medications and other substances can greatly contribute to poor sleep.  If you can’t figure out why your sleep is disturbed and have no racing thoughts or concerns book an appointment to see me here.
    2. Nutrition:  Getting your nutritional needs right can make a huge difference in coping with stress in your life. Start by choosing Real Food.  
    3. Feed Your Microbiome:   Feeding your Microbiome along with good nutrition go hand in hand.  Looking after your gut health means that most of the other processes in the body can start to regulate themselves naturally.  If you serious digestive problems and gut health issues you would benefit from ordering Gastro Intestinal Testing.  Contact me here for more information


  1. Self Care & Self Love:  Saying “No” can be the first step to taking control of your life and decreasing your stress.  Writing “No” on a piece of paper and sticking it up where you can see it clearly can make a huge difference in helping you to find that one word that will help you to start little changes and begin self care.  
  2. Movement:  When you are feeling tired, anxious or stressed moving gently and slowly or taking a short walk can really help to ease the feelings of stress.
  3.   Some people with too much energy need to run or do some HIIT training or sprints to burn off excess energy created by stress.  The over adrenalised feeling of stress can lead to eventual burn out and can indicate imbalance in corticosteroids or hormones. This can have a knock on effect in fertility, menstrual cycles, menopause and depression if it continues.  It is important to get the balance right. 
  4. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis:  Can identify toxic elements including heavy metals that are stuck in the body causing nutrient imbalance, depletion.  Toxins can also affect mental and physical health.  Hair Analysis can also give you an indication of how your Thyroid and Adrenals are coping – two of the main regulators of energy in the body.   Depletion of these glands can lead to stress feelings, anxiety, low mood and fatigue.  Contact me here for more information
  5. Biofeedback:   Biofeedback is a non-invasive stress free way to identify and relieve some of the stress in your life.  A session can help to improve sleep and restore balance in the body.  Contact me here for more information
  6. Homeopathy:  When there are issues like chronic sleep, a history of trauma, digestive upsets, chronic or reoccurring illnesses, Homeopathy can help restore mental health and bring you to a sense of peace.  Past injuries or traumas can remain imprinted in the memory of the cells, and create imbalance.  Homeopathy is a wonderful way to restore peace in the physcial body, in the mind and help you reconnect with your soul.  .  Contact me here for more information
  7. Homeobotanicals:  These herbal blends can help to ease feelings of anxiety and stress.  .  Contact me here for more information