“What Can I use the Homeopathy Kit For?”

Homeopathy Kit

A new Mum sat in front of me at the end of her consultation, eager to find something that would help her children’s immune systems during illness.

“All the children around us seem to be on antibiotics, and then steroids, and other bottles to keep temperatures down. They seem to be constantly sick. It’s like their Immune System has not got that Imprint they need to Learn how to deal with these little things they pick up in creche”

And just like that, she identified the flaw in our children’s health in the modern health system.

The Immune System & Antibiotics

It is well known that antibiotics affect gut health and microbiota – bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for regulating so many processes in the body: mood, sleep, digestion, immune system, and much more. I often see children and adults having sleep problems, anxiety, low moods, poor digestion, recurring infections, after medications.


A Research paper published in Pubmed clearly shows how overuse of antibiotics can contribute to obesity, diabetes, auto-immune disease, allergies, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, increased susceptibility to infections.  These are chronic conditions.  So overuse of antibiotics, as we have seen over the past few years, is not beneficial to our overall health and our immune system.

If your health has been affected by antibiotic or other medication use I can help you address this and rebalance your gut health to increase your overall health. Book A Free 15 Minute Chat Here to find out more.

The Benefits of Having Homeopathy Kit?

I opened my Homeopathy Kit in front of her on my office, and pointed to each little remedy vial, and told her, briefly, what each remedy could be used for.

  • Prevention of Colds or Flu after exposure to chilling wind
  • “Smokers Cough”, Whooping type cough, Cough with vomiting, Cough after Inhaling Smoke, and various other coughs
  • Chest Infection & other minor infections
  • Sinus Pain, Post Nasal Drip, Headache
  • Insect Stings & Bites, Bee Stings
  • Homeopathy KitAnxiety before Flying, after Exams, and other mild anxieties
  • Sore Throats, Ear Aches,
  • Teething Pain in Children
  • Mild Toothache in Adults, Mild Abscess or Tooth- Nerve Pain
  • Bruises and head bangs
  • Vomiting Bug
  • High Temperature in a Child
  • Chest Infection
  • Constipation
  • Superficial Wound Healing after a Cut, Burn or Scald
  • Parasites, Worms, Headlice
  • Acute Nerve Pain, Coccyx Pains, and other acute pains
  • Digestive upsets such as Bloating after Food, Heartburn, Belching, Flatulence
  • Period Problems and Acute Hormonal Problems
  • Menopause Symptoms and Hot Flashes
  • Headaches and Migraine
  • Acute Respiratory Difficulties
  • Sprains, Strains and Sports Injuries

The Book

I pulled out the first book I had read when I started looking deeper into Homeopathy. A book by Miranda Castro which is a lovely guide on how Homeopathy can be used in the Home, how to find the right remedy, when to give a remedy and how.

At the End of Our Session this Mum declared “I Feel Empowered Now!”

And that is What Homeopathy Does for a Mother – gives her Power to help herself, and her own family.

If only we were encouraged to use These Ancient medicines, we could save our health system a lot of money, and time.


The Group

If you already have a Homeopathy Kit and are interested in learning how you can use your remedies I invite you to Join The “Kit Tips” Group on Facebook.  Please answer the questions to be admitted.

One To One Learning Sessions

If you would like a One to One Introductory Sessions to find out

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