Blood Thinners

I don’t always ask clients to get a blood test, but when I do there is good reason. In the last week alone I have seen a person being prescribed tablets to lower stomach acid when her blood test results clearly showed her stomach acid levels were low, and have been for months.

I’ve asked for a full bloods to be investigated in a lady who has been prescribed blood thinners – the limited blood tests that were taken showed no problem with viscosity (thickness or stickiness) of her blood. So we ask, is there a build up of plaque in the arteries for blood thinners to be prescribed? Or is there some other reason?  I do ask, because I can help my client more if I have all the information.

I asked for a very specific blood test to be completed which would show the correct levels of a specific protein required by the liver to function normally. When the test results came back the specific levels are low.  This low level is the reason for the chronic ongoing symptoms the person cannot shake off.  My suspicions were right and now I can make a more thorough beneficial prescription to help support the function of the liver.  This is part of my Plan to Health.

Hormonal and Thyroid blood tests are often “normal”, but without more detailed information about the complexities of various thyroid levels it is almost impossible to make a correct prescription.Thyroid Levels

If you are told you need to take a statin because your cholesterol levels are high, we need to look at all the cholesterol levels, and see where there is an imbalance, or why? Cholesterol levels may increase as a response to heal an area of inflammation or damage inside the body. A bit like putty plugs up a hole in a wall. The body makes cholesterol in response to Needs and repairing damage. We need to look at the CAUSE of the damage before we can reduce cholesterol.

Symptoms in the body mimic what your blood tests will tell you. If you don’t have the right information you cannot make a proper judgement as to what your needs are to help you heal.

The value of nutritional supports, homeopathic and herbal supports are often overlooked in favor of pharma. Nutritional Changes, Homeopathic Prescriptions and Herbal supports can helt to greatly reduce inflammation, help rectify poor digestion or absorption, and help support organ function, in time reducing the need for some medications.

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